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Briana Doyle

Briana Doyle

Marketing Consultant & Coach


Founder and lead consultant Briana Doyle is a seasoned marketer, community-builder and content creator with over two decades of experience in digital marketing and a background in journalism.

Her strategic insights and empathetic, audience-driven approach support arts organizations to effectively reach their customers in an increasingly digital world.

Briana is also an artist herself. She performs with two local bands, Pagoda Starling and The Breeze. She is currently working on writing and releasing her first solo album of original music with Toronto-based folk/roots producer Joel Schwartz.

Briana brings uncommon skill and expertise to a wide range of marketing and digital assignments. She's sharp, always current, an empathetic coach and trainer, and a creative solver of her clients' marketing problems. Best of all she is a pleasure to work with.
Inga Petri
Strategic Moves Consulting, Whitehorse
As a small business owner, I felt completely overwhelmed by the possible avenues where my business could go. As a coach, Briana was able to not only act as a sounding board for me, but also as a trusted advisor. Briana has a gentle and empathetic approach, but one that is also data-driven, so I can feel confident in the decisions that I am making in my business.
Joel Schwartz
Music Producer, Toronto
Hudson Day 2021
Kudos to Troubadours and Vagabonds Productions for their excellent work on Hudson Day. From populating Main Road with wonderful musicians to branding the event through digital media, you managed to create a beautiful atmosphere in town that lasted all afternoon. You were a big part of the success of Hudson Day 2021.
Glen Robinson
Festival Organizer, Hudson