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Write your core story

Create your ‘Core Story’ script

Unlock the power of storytelling for your brand. This step-by-step guide explains how to create a compelling Core Story that will inspire your target audience and supercharge your content creation.
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Alexandra Samuel

AI and the arts: Insights from Alexandra Samuel

A conversation with tech researcher and writer Alexandra Samuel about the potential of AI to enhance creativity — and some of the pitfalls and concerns this technology represents.
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robot hand reaching to a human hand

Chat GPT prompts & tips for arts marketers

Explore AI's role in performing arts marketing. Gain insights on crafting ChatGPT prompts and view practical examples for persona development, content creation, social media, and SEO.
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Music producer Joel Schwartz

Joel Schwartz: How tech supports creative work

Podcast interview with award-winning folk and roots music producer and session musician Joel Schwartz on how tech supports creative work.
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