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Systems, Tools & Processes

Do you have the systems, tools, and processes in place to accomplish your goals? We have a library of tools and templates that we can customize for you to help systematize routine tasks so you can free up time for more creative and strategic work, such as:

  • Persona development and content strategy workbooks
  • Content calendars and planning tools
  • Goal-tracking templates
  • Marketing SOPs
  • AI prompt library

Our clients also benefit from affordable access to the specialized digital marketing tools we subscribe to, including web hosting, social media management, and marketing automation software.

Website creation and hosting

There are many website builders out there but WordPress is our preferred platform for content-rich sites. Why? It’s flexible, easy to update, and has an incredible number of plugins that make it easy and affordable to add advanced features like dynamic data, events calendars, automatic translation, and more.

Fast and secure managed WordPress hosting

Our host of choice is Flywheel because it offers the absolute best customer service and tech support. Flywheel takes care of things like nightly backups, software updates, malware cleanup, and even plugin updates, so we can focus on the fun stuff: content strategy and site design.

  • WordPress hosting under the Troubadours & Vagabonds Flywheel plan is included for retainer clients (if desired)
  • Managed hosting is also available à la carte at the same prices as Flywheel
  • For content strategy and copywriting support, book a no-obligation consultation call so we can work on a quote that meets your needs.
  • We offer web design and development in-house for strategy and coaching clients. We bring in specialized developer resources for more complex projects. Pricing varies depending on project scope.

Beautiful WordPress site builder

My preferred WordPress site builder is Breakdance Builder, which offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it quick and easy to create beautiful websites. The basic version is free to use. Client websites can benefit from our Pro license, which provides access to features like WooCommerce elements, advanced dynamic data and a premium design library.

CRM-based marketing automation

Retainer clients can benefit from our customizable CRM (customer relationship management system), built on HighLevel‘s powerful marketing software at no extra cost. What’s special about Highlevel vs. Salesforce or Hubspot is that it tightly integrates many common marketing and sales tools within the CRM system.

HighLevel sales & marketing system features

The ever-expanding list of features included within HighLevel includes:

  • Unified social inbox – Stop toggling between browser windows. Read and respond to messages from Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, text message, and more. See and respond to notifications about new Google Reviews too!
  • Social content scheduler – Schedule, review, and approve content for all platforms in one place.
  • Instagram bio link – Build your own version of Linkin.bio or similar tools that create a mobile-optimized landing page for Instagram and other social sites that allow only one bio link.
  • Email and/or SMS marketing automation – Reduce repetitive busywork. Set up trigger-based workflows to automate things like sending pre- or post-show reminders, or even to respond automatically to frequently asked questions about things like hours of operation. Zapier or Pabbly can often be used to link HighLevel to other online services where no native integration exists.
  • Booking calendar – Instead of a million back-and-forth emails about space rentals, artist bookings, or meeting times, set up a Calendly style booking calendar that makes it easy to reserve a time. Calendars can be synchronized with Google Calendar.
  • Memberships and online courses – Offer free or paid workshops or exclusive video content on your own website, at no extra cost to you. Membership payments can be transacted on the platform via Stripe.
  • Surveys and forms – Data populates your CRM automatically, and you can even have the system create smart lists for email campaigns based on the collected information.
  • Funnel-building – Create marketing automation sequences to help move your target audience from awareness, interest, decision, and action.
  • Fundraising and donor management – Use a sales pipeline view to keep track of prospective donors and funding opportunities. Add notes and assign tasks to make sure follow-ups happen on time. Automatically send thank-you emails and other communications based on the date or after someone takes action.
  • Optional AI add-on – Get help from AI to craft responses and optimize workflows at a very affordable usage-based cost.
  • Optional listing management add-on – If you have a physical venue, you can subscribe to a listing management service at a special rate. This allows you to ensure all your listings on connected online directories are accurate and kept up to date, without having to go in and change the information everywhere online.

Believe it or not, there’s more. HighLevel is adding new features and product updates literally every week. You can see a complete (very detailed) list of what’s new in their changelog.

Prefer to DIY? No problem — you can also choose to sign up with my affiliate link if you prefer to pay directly for the service. Signing up as an affiliate doesn’t cost you more, and you will get access to templates, tech support, and resources designed specifically for artists and arts organizations. HighLevel pricing starts at $97 USD per month.

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Briana brings uncommon skill and expertise to a wide range of marketing and digital assignments. She's sharp, always current, an empathetic coach and trainer, and a creative solver of her clients' marketing problems. Best of all she is a pleasure to work with.
Inga Petri
Strategic Moves Consulting, Whitehorse
As a small business owner, I felt completely overwhelmed by the possible avenues where my business could go. As a coach, Briana was able to not only act as a sounding board for me, but also as a trusted advisor. Briana has a gentle and empathetic approach, but one that is also data-driven, so I can feel confident in the decisions that I am making in my business.
Joel Schwartz
Music Producer, Toronto
Hudson Day 2021
Kudos to Troubadours and Vagabonds Productions for their excellent work on Hudson Day. From populating Main Road with wonderful musicians to branding the event through digital media, you managed to create a beautiful atmosphere in town that lasted all afternoon. You were a big part of the success of Hudson Day 2021.
Glen Robinson
Festival Organizer, Hudson

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